All the women who independent

Yesterday I returned to my eating disorder group after a month of being in and out of the meetings. Due to Jordan’s schedule and me obviously wanting to visit him whenever I can, I sacrificed a few of my group meetings to go see him.

And that’s fine.

I didn’t really feel like I needed to go yesterday, nor did I feel like I really needed to visit my therapist on Wednesday. I considered cancelling, sending e-mail’s/text messages to my therapist and group members, saying I wouldn’t be there.

Yet somehow I found myself attending both sessions, knowing that in the end I’d be happy.

And I was.

I always find that the appointments you think you don’t need – end up being the ones you really do.

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A Re-Introduction!

Deep down, when I first started this blog, I knew what it was eventually going to be about. I figured by the time 2013 ended I would have spilled all of my secrets and that nothing would be off limits for me to write about. I wasn’t sure exactly when I’d get the courage to nail everything down and actually write it out, but hey – better sooner than later.

So, if you aren’t interested in really getting to know me … this is the part where you should stop reading. It’s about to get real personal, real fast. I’m extremely scared for how people are going to react to this, but the only way I know how to solve a problem is to talk or write about it. Writing is my therapy.

So what do you say to taking chances? (insert Celine Dion song here).

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