Marathon training & eating disorder recovery

For those of you who don’t know, I’m training to run the Boston Marathon on April 17th. It’s an iconic race and one that I could not be more thankful to run, especially as my first marathon. I am running on behalf of an amazing organization, Tenacity, that helps less-advantaged students within the Boston Public Schools system. Whether they need mentoring, academic help, family support, etc. Tenacity is there. They have a focus on tennis and fitness as a way to get kids engaged. I am in love. Side note and very shameless plug: I have a goal of raising $10,000 for them and welcome all of the support here.


I really wanted to title this post, “What it feels like when you’re training for a marathon and used to have an eating disorder …” but after spending the past 2+ years working in digital marketing, I knew I’d get reemed out by a co-worker or two for that headline failĀ (JK, love you guys).

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Bee stings

I was just reading this article on Thought Catalog and came across a line that really got me thinking. The article is about a girl that struggled with an eating disorder and the different realizations she came to through her recovery. One of those realizations being:

“Being skinny was not as freeing as being healthy.”

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