Everything happens …

They say that everything happens for a reason … and while I’m typically a huge supporter of that idea, I still have my doubts. Don’t you?

Sometimes it’s very hard to accept that something is “happening for a reason” – like losing a job, ending a relationship or losing a loved one. Sometimes we get lucky and do get to see that reason – we’re given a better opportunity, we meet the person we eventually marry, we see the joy of birth. But sometimes. we’re left wondering how something that has happened … could possibly be good, let alone for any sort of reason. 

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Eat something …

3. Eat something green ..

And understand the importance.

I’ve been going back-and-forth all day, trying to decide if this was something worth posting about. I’ve really tried to move away from anything that screams, “Eat this, not that!” but in reality, eating green things has helped me.

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